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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teaching Observation Day 2

           Today was another successful day of observing.  Along with observing and assisting the students and teacher, I got to interview two students to get to know a little bit more about them.  One student who I interviewed was an ESL student or English as a Second Language student.  These are students who come to an English speaking school where their first language was something other than English.  He was a Korean student who spoke Korean mostly at home, and preferred it over English.  I asked him a little bit on how he got help and he said that he has a teacher who helps him with his English, and when he needs help he asks his teachers or his fellow students.  He said they are all very helpful.  I also asked him if his teachers were very clear or clear enough with directions and he said that yes they were for the most part.  Lastly, I asked him what his favorite subject was and he said PE because he has a lot of fun and gets good exercise.
        Another student who I interviewed today was a girl who did not participate much in class today.  I asked her what she didn't like about PE and she said that she didn't like that she had to change clothes.  She said that her teachers often encourage her to change so that she can participate.  After all the negativity, I asked her if she liked anything at all about PE and she said that she liked throwing the football around and spending time in the fitness center.  It seemed to me as though her biggest problem wasn't getting involved or participating it was the fact that she doesn't like to get changed.  My host teacher saw me talking to her and after said that she has some social issues and often they let her change in the bathroom or after the other girls leave.  It all made sense after I talked to him and realized it, and know what to expect in the future because I'm bound to run into these kinds of circumstances.

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