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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lab 3

       Lab 3 was a blast!  The theme for the lab was Sports, and a lot of the college students participated in the theme which was awesome.  I wore my Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Soccer jersey which caught the eye of one student who likes soccer.  He came up to me and said, "even though I don't like Ronaldo, I still really like your shirt".  I thought it was nice of him to say and also got me to find something that I had in common with him which was an interest in soccer, so myself and another student talked to him for a little bit about soccer.  My group created the games so that our peers could assess the other students based on the skills they were to observe.  Ryan had a cool game where the kids had to get bean bags and then put them in the hoola hoop.  My team was the yellow hoola hoop and we did pretty good.  One thing that I tried implementing to them was counting, so I told them after every time we are going to count them to see if we beat the other teams.  My game was called Alligator Alley which revolved around the idea of the kids being in a swamp surrounded by alligators, where they had to leap or jump from rock to rock (polyspot).  If they didn't land on one, they could be tagged by an alligator (student with a green noodle).  If they got caught, they had to stay still on a rock for 5 seconds.  Two of the skills were leap and jump so I thought this was a good game for my peers to assess the kids on.

           After all the games, my group went downstairs where the kids had snack.  I found it funny when one kid started dunking his pretzels in milk.  It caught the attention of my TA Eric who thought it was funny.  Since he thought it was funny, it caught the attention of a little girl who then wanted to see if it tasted good, so she started doing it ha!  While we were down there we talked a lot about each others pets.  I learned one girl had 3 dogs and she told me a little about them, and another student had one dog, but he didn't like it.  All in all it was a good lab and I'm looking forward to Lab 4 with the Pre-K students!

My Lab 3 write up

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